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Inspired by a historical archive and the mindset of Franco Albini, the great master of innovation, we are reviving the culture of the “project” in today’s world through the Foundation, the Academy and Albini’s Studio.

About us

Our history is made of passion, translated into theatre performances, interactive guided tours, printed media, research and training materials through the Franco Albini Academy’s interdisciplinary workshops. As Albini taught us, stories that start from tradition and bring it into modernity, we target companies, universities, professionals, schools and groups in general. With a foundation, an academy and an architecture studio, we bring the value of a historical archive back to the present.

The history of our archive refers to 4 generations of architects; from Franco’s first works in 1930, to his partnership with Franca Helg in 1952, to his collaboration with his son Marco, who now works with his nephew Francesco.

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