Our theatrical performances offer an immersive experience in suggestions, ideas, life and emotions of the protagonists who made the history of architecture.

An experience of innovation


The Pathway to Talent” is an innovative project created by the Franco Albini Foundation, which takes the name of a “Coaching Performance”. It’s an interdisciplinary experience which puts coaching techniques and music into theatrical dialogue, aimed at involving the public and making it the protagonist of a collective growing experience. In order to facilitate the opening to a business outlook towards innovation , we start off from the Method of the Masters of Design and Modern Architecture as inspiration for researching our talents and the potentialities of a cohesive Team. An experience indiscriminately dedicated to small and large groups, an emotional journey on the latitudes of the “Force” which contributes to the road of business Innovation.

The performance is part of a formative path of the Franco Albini Academy HCLab.

Written and directed by Paola Albini.

Performer: Paola Albini

Music: Alessandro Nidi

Lights: Castagnaravelli Studio with the students from the “Scenography and Light” course from the Design School of Politecnico di Milano

The performance is part of a formative path of the Franco Albini Academy HCLab.

Milan, Fondazione Franco Albini – march 2019
Milan, Il cielo sotto Milano – july 2018


Conceived, written and directed by Paola Albini, it is the story of the inner values related to the origin of the Modern Movement and Design.
Maria Brandon Albini’s text, “La Gibigianna”, is the theme: an overview of Italy between the two World Wars and of the intellectuals of the time.
The text is integrated to many others by Albini, Pagano, Persico, BBPR, Ponti, Palanti, Gardella…
Videos and pictures of the time go along with the play (composed by letters, articles and publications of the different archives) to illustrate the political and cultural spirit during the Fascism ages.
It is the story about the Rationalism in Italy, the central role of the city of Milan and the life of the people who fought against a totalitarian regime in order to found a Movement based on social redemption, the same people paying sometimes with their own life their choices of independence and freedom.
«Why has the Franco Albini Foundation decided to support a theatrical performance about architecture? The reason is, how Giuseppe Pagano said: “… the architecture is the absolute document of both greatness and misery of communities… it is the notary of the history, it is an act of trust and courage”.
When I bumped, 8 years ago, into the document that are at the base of the exhibition, first of all I was moved by the inner values related to the Writings and I did want to share them.
I had particularly in mind one of the value: “the Courage”!
A term intended as the power to take a stand, to leave a personal sign in the world and to give a contribution. Each one in one’s own way.
The example of this people makes them Masters of “method”, but also of life»
Paola Albini, Vice President of the Franco Albini Foundation.

Script and direction: Paola Albini
Actor: Enrico Ballardini
Musician: Elio Baldi Cantù


Milan, Cambi casa d’Aste – april 2018
Ferrara, Palazzo Tassoni – november 2017
Varese, Villa Panza – october 2017
Parma , CSAC – october 2017
Milan, Palazzo della Triennale – april 2017
Perugia, Fiera Expo Casa – march 2017
Zagabria, Oris, House of Architecture – november 2016
Helsinki, Museo Design – october 2016
Dublin, Irish architectural archive – october 2016
San Marino, Italian Embassy – october 2016
Pristina, Teatro Nazionale – october 2016
Tirana, Universiteti Polis – october 2016
Milan, Palazzo delle Stelline – september 2016
Milan, Fondazione Franco Albini – april 2016
Piacenza, Teatro dei Filodrammatici – december 2015
Piacenza, Politecnico – september 2015
Turin, Festival architettura in città – july 2015
Milan, Spazio Ventura – june 2015
Genoa, Museo Villa Croce – may 2015
Milan, Politecnico Bovisa – may 2015
Milan, Fondazione Franco Albini – april 2015
Milan, Fondazione Franco Albini – december 2014

The great dame of architecture.

Franca Helg is a great example of a free and empowered woman who made her way in a male dominated field by participating in many of the most successful projects of Studio Albini. These projects contributed in making Milano great and gained international recognition.
We decided to dedicate “The colors of reason” to Franca Helg. A theatrical performance articulated in music, words and movement which are meant to create a dimensional space gradually designed by the actress with a red thread.
Our intention is to spread a different way of relating to work, suggesting that everyone – regardless of gender – can and must follow their deeper calling and talents in life to fulfil their unique purpose in the world.
The performance is completed by photos and videos of the period which give a sense of the political and cultural climate of the post war years.

Script and direction: Paola Albini
Actress: Tiziana Francesca Vaccaro
Scenography: Lorenza Pambianco
Photo editing: Tilbe Kucukonder

Milan, Pirelli Hangar Bicocca – october 2018
Dublin, Istituto Italiano di Cultura/Irish Architectural Archive – october 2018
Milan, Lascialascia – april 2018
Piacenza, Museo Ricci Oddi – may 2017
Milan, Politecnico Bovisa – april 2017
Milan, Triennale – april 2017
Milan, Palazzo Marino – march 2017


The revolutionary thought of Alice Miller on the origins of violence.


Alice Miller is not an architect. She’s a psychologist, sociologist, and philosopher who revolutionised the dominant thought in terms of “education” and personal growth. A woman who freed herself through creative expression and who, like Franca Helg, broke the pattern of her time. Alice Miller is an example of courage and determination, qualities which led her to elaborate a truth which, still today, is the basis for an individual’s and a society’s healthy development.

Through the Franco Albini Academy we work to prepare the new and the old generations to handle the epic change which Society is asking us, both in professional and personal terms, and bring out talents and the ability to reinvent ourselves and generate innovation.

Today, for this reason the Foundation promotes messages like those of Alice Miller, capable of creating necessary considerations. “The price of a good education” is a needed tale from the start, where educators can obtain the efficient tools for their mission and contribute to the development of each individuals’ potential.

Written by Cristina Origlia
Directed by Paola Albini
Interpreter: Babi Campi Falcone
Voiceover: Enrico Ballardini and Bianca Careddu

Ospedale dei Bambini Vittore Buzzi – november 2018