Albini’s method as
a training tool

Behind every work there’s a thought, a behaviour, a history. A method.

The Franco Albini Academy, starting from the way of thinking of great innovators and their way of approaching problems, proposes interdisciplinary and intercultural training paths based on his universal and everlasting principles that Franco Albini used throughout his whole career: Segmentation, searching the Essence, Reintegration, Verifying tha path and sense of Social Responsibility. Principles that still today “inspire” and become useful tools to generate awareness, innovation and initiative. Franco Albini Academy’s main objective consists of supporting educational, healthcare and business systems and provides young people and adults with a Forma Mentis that could be able to enhance everyone’s talents and the ability to identify and achieve one’s goals, generating personal and professional growth. Our aim is to provide a Method that becomes the anchor of each individual to bring value to himself and to the context in which he operates. These principles are transmitted with different techniques, depending on the objectives and context, resulting effective in every field of intervention: company (team building, leadership, change management, motivational) and guidance for young people.


Our journey consists in three moments that can be summarized as: introduction (Pre-Work), performance (show ‘La via del Talento’) and conclusion (Formative path).


Before getting to the heart of the Path, the participants are guided by a professional Coach to virtually reflect on a series of key questions about the performance and the training courses. Pre-work becomes fundamental to introduce a consideration on further themes and is used as a tool able to monitor the public’s evolution along the path.

An interactive performance

La via del Talento” portrays the experience of awareness accomplished through the discovery and use of the 5 Principles of Albini’s Method. An emotional moment, in which a thought occurs to you about how the principles of this Method can be functional to the discovery of oneself and one’s inner talents. A collective, interactive and interdisciplinary moment that ranges from words to songs, musical suggestions and video animations, and that constitutes the starting point of our journey together.


A path which guides you to reach self-awareness of your talent, starting from your own story. It promotes self-expression though body language. It aims to identify one’s resources, objectives, and actions to achieve them. It is meant to respond to individual and collective needs in a creative way. It promotes the creation of innovative ideas; to transform these ideas into prototypes/feasible projects, born in co-creation.


The Foundation offers formative paths customized on business objectives and on guidance for young people.



Graffignana (LO), Knoll – “Tha pathway to talent” theatrical performance – december 2019
Foligno, Knoll – “Tha pathway to talent” theatrical performance – december 2019
Florence, Human Company and Mercato Centrale – “Tha pathway to talent” theatrical performance – november 2019
Pesaro (Sports Palace), Amadori – “The value of a word”  show on the story of Francesco Amadori, written and directed by Paola Albini for Federico Buffa – october 2019
Stresa (VB), Logotel – “Tha pathway to talent” theatrical performance – february 2019

Rome, Human Commpany – From the ego to us through the Albini method – november 2019

GUIDANCE dedicated to university students
Milan, Politecnico Design Department – Human Centered Lab – november 2019
Milan, Politecnico Design Department – Human Centered Lab – march 2019

THE CURE’S RELATION dedicated to health professionals working in the chronic disease
Ancona, Ascensia – Take care of life – october 2019
Castelgandolfo (Rome), Ascensia – Take care of life – september 2019




PAOLA ALBINI President of  Fondazione Franco Albini

MARIA ISABEL MALO Interior and Strategic Designer

CATERINA TAVANI Career Coach e HR Consultant

NATALIA PIANA Pedagogist and trainer

Director and Filmaker